Friday, April 11, 2014

Nail Polish Clean Out

For as long as I hold the resolve, I'm going to use Fridays as a day to help you clean something out.

It is spring time, after all, so it's a great time to get rid of what you don't use.

Last Friday I took you through how I cleaned out my underwear drawer. So glam, I know. This Friday, it's time to clean out your nail polishes.

And even if you don't have strong feelings (aka: an obsession) for buying a few nail polishes (aka: over $300 worth) that I do, you still have a stash and my bet is you haven't looked at them all together in a while.

Let's hunker down together and whip our collection into shape!

That's not even all of them...
First: Gather them all up.
If this means cleaning off your custom made shelf (my husband is so handy), or digging through random drawers and crannies throughout your house, doesn't matter. Just be sure you've gathered every single polish you own. That way you can see what all you've got.

Second: Peel off the colors you'll never wear.
Right off, you can see which ones are "so last year" or just so old you'll never use them. Quickly whittle down what you know you wouldn't use next week.

Third: Out with the old.
Old nail polish is THE WORST to paint with. It's terrible for painting on, and takes forever to dry (even when you think it's's not). The test I use for immediately knowing if a polish is going to be worth keeping or not? Shake it. If you can still hear the ball easily moving around, then it hasn't thickened up. If I don't hear the ball, or if it's only audible every once in a while? Toss it.

Fourth: Organize by color.
Unlike your closet, it would do you some good to organize your colors by shade. That way you can immediately see what color you tend to buy, and if you have multiples (a lot of OPI shades, I've noticed, are barely just barely different from one another).

Fifth: Buy something new.
The fact that I own this many polishes, but still think of buying new ones is a true testimony to the fact that I have a problem (<--- see there, I admitted it. Ok, so I'm not doing so bad ;)
However, now that we know the great polishes we've enjoyed from Crabtree & Evelyn won't be so accessible anymore, it would be a good time to stock up on their cute colors for spring/summer.

Take yourself shopping for a new color as a reward for being so good and cleaning them out! I know my husband was just thinking that I needed some more ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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