Friday, April 4, 2014

A Small Task That Will Save You Money & Time

Don't be jealous of my life when I tell you I spent last Saturday morning cleaning out my underwear drawer.

Welcome to adulthood, kids!

While it doesn't sound glamorous, the results make it so worth it. I promise.

Here's why you should do it too...

1. A crowded underwear drawer can mean that you're squishing your bras. And when I saw my very expensive bras (that I bought on major discount) getting creases because they were so crammed, I realized it was time to do something about it.

Protect your investment in your underwear and make sure they all have room to breathe.

2. Much like cleaning anything out, it's going to save you time in the long run. No longer do I have to sift through items I don't even need to get to the things I use on a regular basis (like where did all the extra straps come from?!). No longer do I have to toss the ugly underwear aside to find the pretty ones.

Seriously, where do all these extra straps come from?!

When you can reach in and grab exactly what you need, it saves time and frustration when getting ready.

3. Cleaning out a drawer like that also alerts you to what you need next. If I were to have gone underwear shopping before last Saturday I would have bought whatever, but I certainly wouldn't have known what it is I'm lacking (or need to replace). Now that I can see everything clearly, I know exactly what to get next.

You save money by knowing (and seeing) exactly what you need. The best way to do that is to go through each piece and make a list.

I bet you're not feeling sorry for me anymore, are you? Ha! I promise the clean out is worth it and it only takes about 20 minutes!

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