Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Fabulous Hair Trick That Takes 30 Seconds

I'm not usually one to suggest we go to the movies (unless it's a movie about a heist, and then all bets are off).

This past weekend when my husband was in the mood for one, I looked up what was playing, saw "3 Days to Kill" and knew immediately that watching a hit man would be part of my afternoon.

Good thing it included Kevin Costner ;)

Believe it or not, watching the movie gave me an idea for my hair. One of the female characters dons a thick blonde wig in one scene and the way she has only a small portion of her hair pinned back got me to thinking...

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That answers a hair conundrum of mine! Instead of going half up (a look, I've determined, doesn't flatter my face at all) I started (a couple of years ago) taking portions of my hair and pinning it back.  It helps change up my look and gets the hair out of my face so I'm not constantly touching it and making it oily.

The problem is, I can never determine how much to pin back, how high to pin it, how far back to pin it...all of those things. But when I saw that she just took a simple small strand of hair and tucked it away near her ears, I thought - that's it!

So on Tuesday I tried it, and I love it! Here's a picture of what it looked like on TV...

The fabulous hair trick that takes 30 seconds

And here it is full on...
The fabulous hair trick that takes 30 seconds!
My husband pointed out that you can barely tell I've done it (which is kind of true from the front), but the sides look cool and it does give you a little more volume at the top of your head.

Here's how you do it:
Take about an inch worth of hair, bobby pin it right past your ear (tucking it underneath your hair if you can, to hide the pin). Then once both sides are done and even, tug at the pinned back hair a bit to give it some volume. Hairspray the hair at the pin so it doesn't fall out, and you've got it!

I'm all about completing a look with a hair style that matches, and to me the floral print I had on along with the light pink necklace, called for hair that was a little "sweet." Pinning a little bit back like this was just the answer.

Why don't you give it a try this spring!

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