Monday, February 17, 2014

What to Wear for Date Night

My apologies for the picture quality! Someone didn't turn on the flash :)
For Valentine's Day my husband and I have always enjoyed a quiet dinner at home the night of, then a dinner out another night once the crowds have died down. (Like a giddy newlywed, I still get excited over the fact that we don't have to part ways at the end of the night).

Dinner out this year was to a pretty fancy place (which to me requires nice attire, but not so nice that it looks like I never get out). I knew right way I didn't want to wear my skinny jeans because the plan was to full on stuff myself.

So I went with tights (my stretchy ones), a tunic and my favorite waterfall leather jacket. I cannot get enough of the cascading shape of this jacket. I would have a whole closet of them if it were financially sound.

At the last second I decided to add my long gold tassel necklace for a little glitter, and the gold Guess clutch I picked up at the church garage sale for $1 (thank you, whoever didn't want it anymore).

I just wanted to show that a date night outfit doesn't have to be fussy or overtly sexy. I sometimes put weird pressure on myself to put on everything the husband's ever complimented and somehow make it all work into this glorious outfit that he loves.

But I've come to realize a few things... One: that's just not feasible. Two: he probably wouldn't notice. Three: he'd much rather have me happy and out the door in a reasonable amount of time.

Plus the man sees me in every state possible (all beautiful of course) so he knows exactly what he's getting ;)

The point? Relax, put together something that will make you feel confident and good, then enjoy the night!

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