Friday, September 21, 2012

List It and Forget It!

I have only one problem with this time of year…I can’t buy clothes fast enough.
As soon as the temperature drops, I’m ready to shop till I drop.
Because this is the time of year when we get to layer layer layer!

What I do to keep from running out every time I get a new idea of what I want to have, is I keep a running list. This way, every time I see something I like or realize something I need, I’ve got it marked down so the next time I’m shopping I’m doing so with purpose.

Here’s a peak at what I’ve got on the roster for this fall…
1. Denim button down shirt (never in my life would I thought I’d say that, but pop back in next week to see what I’m going to do with it)
2. Polka Dot heels (amping up the cuteness factor to anything I pair them with!)
3. Striped skinnies (Target’s holding them hostage right now, as soon as they go on sale-I’m there!)
4. New white button down (see Wednesday’s post!)
5. Polka Dot shirt/sweater (anything to wear over a button down and under a jacket-the perfect combination!)
6. Peplum top (as soon as I find just the right one)

That’s all for now, you had better believe that list grows daily. The thing is to write it down as soon as you think of it. Or just keep up that visual vitamin we talked about on Monday and use that as your list, but when you’re shopping you’ve got to know specifically what you’re looking for or you’ll get distracted and buy the same old things that may not layer well.

 Next week I’m devoting several days to building a good understanding of what goes with what when layering. It’s good to know because layering can give you so much more mileage out of your clothes, even some of the ones you already have!

 Homework? Yes! Make a list! Then have a great weekend :)


  1. You are so creative with your ideas, I always can't wait to see what is next! Thanks for this great info!

  2. I need to do this, but I'm afraid the list would be too long for my wallet. One thing at a time, Ashley. One thing at a time.