Monday, September 24, 2012

Just Call Me...The Textruizer

If I had to narrow down the question I get the most from people, it would be
"How are you so awesome?!"
(That's pretty hard to believe, you say? Would you believe, "How could you possibly get to be more awesome? Ok, ok mostly it's "How do you spell 'awesome'?" ;)

Next in line to that would be "How do I master layering!?"
So this week, I'm going to get you to a place where you understand better what works about putting different pieces together. And eventually get you to a place where you can layer up! And definitely, in turn, be more awesome ;)

One thing you very much have to pay attention to with layering is your textures.

You can layer an entire outfit in purple and not look like a giant people eater, if you play your textures right. But that's an advanced class, let's start at the beginning...

Starting with, for example, herringbone pants (you can choose another gray fall type pant if you'd like). To those you could add a purple button down, over which you could throw a black thinly knit sweater then over the whole thing a dark denim jacket.

This would give your outfit depth of both color and texture. The key is to balance it out (if you're a faithful reader of the spiff-the key to anything in fashion you should all know by now is....Balance!)

It's what I love love about fall-the ability to pile a whole bunch of clothes on in a different combination every single time!

What I have pictured is an outfit I wore to work the other day and wanted to photograph and add to my Cloth app so that I could come back to it or tweak it if I wanted to.  It works because the jacket collar gave me room to wear a white collar over which I needed something else so I thew on a cotton tank top. The ribbed tank top adds great texture to the white shirt which is just a smooth silky feel and the jacket pulls it all together.

Just pay attention to your first texture and layer it up with contrasting one's to make one cohesive look, THEN come back for more layering awesomeness all week long on The :)

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