Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Classic" Nail Art

I put classic in quotes up there because shatter was really the trail blazer of this swing we've done into nail art.

I remember trying it for the first time, it definitely rocked my little nail world. From that point on, the color picking process went from "hmm what color..." to "HOly crap there are so many combinations to try!!!!!"

This week I was feeling a little in need of something wild and loud on my nails so I went with some old school shatter.

I was in love with this stuff on my toes for the longest time, why not go big and do it on all ten fingers? In the future it's definitely going to make it on an accent nail because that would just look so chic.

Ok so here's how I acheived this oh so neat-o look...
Start with base coat (of course!) and then go white. Now I cheated a little bit with a cheapo Sally Hansen white because, OPI-I love you, but sometimes you take five coats to give me solid color. So cheapo white, then a layer of OPI Funny Bunny then another layer of cheapo white (this is why I stay away from whites-you've got to layer so much to get it just right!).

Then some OPI black shatter. The trick to getting a good shatter is to layer thinly. However, the beautiful thing about Shatter is if you accidently get it too thick and it doesn't "break" just right, just take your finger and "break" it up yourself.

Truly, it's hard to mess this thing up.

Break up your nail routine with some old school Shatter!

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