Friday, February 8, 2013

My 1 Closet Resolution

You may think I’m reheating old January posts this week, talking about goals and resolutions and what not. But au contraire, my friends.
I feel as if February is the perfect time to set realistic goals that you can break down and actually keep, rather than the ones you set in the high of a new year fresh off the holidays.

So what are you closet goals this year?

I’ll tell you one of mine: to buy less black. Notice I didn’t say wear less black, I said buy less black (geez, I’m not an animal).

I’ve found that too often my default purchase is black or gray, and I’d like to change that. Last year a friend bought me a pinkish/red sweater for my birthday. It’s a color I probably wouldn’t have grabbed (because I would have gone for the black), but you know it’s totally woken up other pieces in my closet and I love it.

Because of that, I’m starting to realize too often I play it safe with “neutral” colors that I get to go with everything but end up looking like nothing fancy. Then when I get dressed and start craving color I have very little to pick from.

Therefore my goal from now till the end of spring is to buy no black! (Now that one fancy black jacket I got at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago TOTALLY doesn’t count because it was like 150,000% off ;)

What are your clothing goals?
Do you notice one thing your closet is deficient in?
Be real with yourself, what could you use more of? Print? Neutrals?
Think of those times when you can’t find something to wear, what’s at the heart of that frustration?

If you need help with this, you can always email me at
Let’s set some good closet goals to get this to be our best dressed year yet!

Have a spiffy weekend everybody!

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