Monday, February 11, 2013

The Philosophy Philosophy

If you're experiencing one of life's cruel jokes-a breakout-then chances are in your panic ridden dash to the drug store, you snatched the first thing that said "acne fighting" on the bottle, doused it all over your face and passed out in a acetone ridden stupor.

The best thing to do, though, is calm down and read and maybe do extensive research before you go, OR find a blog that does it for you...oh wait, what a coincidence! Here you are :)

Now, I will say that I am still a strong proponent of the face wipe, however (I am not admitting defeat!) but however, it is good to do a full on-face in the sink, water dripping down to your elbows-kind of wash about once a week or so (more if you're having acne trouble).

When I do this, I turn to Philosophy-Purity to be precise and gently remove not only my make up but all the grime underneath.

It's very gentle yet effective soap for your face that has no odor and strongly lives up to it's name. It's simple, and you feel clean. That's all you need. It's formulated to cleanse and tone, and is even gentle (yet apparently) effective enough to remove your eye make up as well, but I've yet to test that claim (it usually takes something from a science lab to get my eyes completely bare).

So before you go running out with a bag over your face, stop and remember the Philosophy philosophy-go for Purity.

Remember tune in for The Spiff live tomorrow morning! I'm going to be giving the 5 fashion do's and don'ts for your Valentine's date night!!

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