Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nails, Boys, and River Boat Hair

My first experience with having a Valentine came when I was 21.

I remember the boy I had just started dating wanted to take me on the River Boat, so I got out my fanciest dress and booked myself a hair appointment.

My goal with the hair appointment was for a professional to tame this mane into some cascading curls. Because in the relationship between my hair and a curling iron-my hair wears the pants. But instead of giving me cascading curls, I got ringlets. She twisted my hair into ringlets and pinned them all to my head, and two hours after being under the dryer I emerged an older, more legal, Shirley Temple.

It wasn't that bad once she smoothed them out a bit. And I do remember having the thrill of very different (very fro-like) hair when I walked into the bathroom on the boat. It just wasn't what I was expecting at first, and I wanted everything to be perfect for that night.

Now here I am, 8 years later doing my nails for another Valentine's Day with the same boy that took me on that River Boat (AND gave me a book that he wrote! But that's another story-ha! Get it? It's literally another sto...ok, you get it).

This week I wanted my nails to be perfect. On first try of doing this moon accent technique with pink as the smaller color and gold as the main one, it didn't turn out so great. It definitely wasn't what I expected.
Remember gold is a pretty bold color, so layering it up and pairing it with another color on your nails makes it look very very rich. A little too rich. Like if I put on a gold ring, my hand might get mistaken for a mob wife's hand-rich.

So I started over and this time made pink ("Don't know...Beats Me" pink by OPI) the main color and OPI's "Designer De Better" (one of my favorites) the accent/moon color.

I think the results are perfection. Just a little accent to typical, expected pink.
And it's very simple technique too!

Just paint the accent color on your whole nail and let it dry. Let. it. dry. I'm talking-you can go to the bathroom and not freak out that you've smudged something-dry.

Then take a paper protector and place it on your nail right where you want the moon to start. Do this on one hand only, then paint the main color over it. Take the little circle sticker off pretty quickly because the longer your nail polish has to dry with it sitting there, the more it will smudge coming off. Then repeat on the other hand (of course).

What you get left with is this cutie little peak of color, along with the pink that is appropriate this time of year.

I think they are the perfect Valentine's Day nails to share with the only boy that made it with me to Valentine's Day (and beyond! :)

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