Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love: You

In an effort not to offend anyone, I've probably re-written this opening sentence 17 times.

Valentine's day is a hard holiday to write for because the range of love and hate for the day is pretty vast. You can't assume you've got a big audience of Valentine's day lovers waiting with bated breath, like February 14th is Christmas morning; nor can you assume that your whole audience is planning to don black and throw darts in a poorly lit room all day either.

It's a quandary, but I think I've found the solution.
Let's spend the next three days loving ourselves.

No, this is not a fall back, or something to declare because we've just been hurt and that's what we're telling the world to make ourselves feel better. Let's honestly take a look at how we feel about ourselves, and make those feelings stronger and more confident.

Starting with where we draw confidence from (or, from whence does our confidence come? If you want me to get all fancy and not end with a preposition).

Honestly, it's very easy to put all our "confidence eggs" in the "people basket" because we can hear what people have to say about us; we can see how people look at us, and when combined those things build a wet cardboard foundation for what can be a very delicate self image.

The bible even says, in Psalm 118:8, "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man." Which to me deserves like a Hebrew version of "Duh" at the end (much akin to "Selah")
Because it's so simple, yet at the same time it's hard.

It's simple in the fact that it makes so much sense to place confidence in the God that never changes, the God that created you and the universe and even beauty itself.

It's hard in the fact that it's like an online course as opposed to taking a class in person. When you can't see the teacher face to face, you really have to stay self motivated to do the work and all the reading.

But just think of the pay off that comes with fully placing your confidence in God. Nothing could shake you. Nothing. And even on the baddest of bad hair days, you can strut your stuff, knowing that it doesn't matter what people say or how they look at you-you've got it going on because you are grounded in the fact that God loves you and that's the only approval you're going for (or the only approval of which you go...ok, I give up).

Don't just think about it, don't just read this blog and say, "She's right and so wise, I should really tell all my friends about this and send her a thank you note while I'm at it." Really make it your goal this year to build a new foundation for your confidence. A solid foundation on the One who created you for His enjoyment in the first place.

He's ready for you to start! Pray and ask God right now to show you how to place your confidence in Him.

Then come back tomorrow for a BIG Valentine's day post-you'll love it! Whether you love the day or hate it-you'll love tomorrow's post, I promise!!!

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