Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Those Who Made it Work

I get happy little butterflies in my stomach when I think about fall clothes. Sometimes it happens at other times of the year, but really it's the most active during fall.

It's just like a new relationship, when the person you like walks in the room and you didn't expect to see them. That's how I am the moment fall arrives.

But it's not totally here yet, so I need to shut up about it.

Fall fashion week happened last week here in Knoxville, and I got to go indulge my passion for clothes by nestling in near the runway and watching as designers paraded their designs.

I'm going to do my best to make this interesting, as I realize not everyone jumps at the chance to watch other people wearing clothes. I just want to give a quick recap and a little commentary on what's good to look for this coming season...

The first designer to show that I liked was Vartika Vikram (I'm doing my best, they didn't have a program or a listing on the website of who showed when, nor did anyone announce so I'm just going with what was on the screen). She did an amazing job of pleating and folding clothes to flatter the women wearing them.

This had me re-thinking pleats (pleats and I have a bad relationship as big fat ones went across my high school uniform skirt making it, in a word, hideous). She did a phenomenal job of tailoring her clothes and really made me want one of everything.

Next up was Fienes Couture. I loved this showing for one simple reason-the music. I was on board with whatever she was selling the moment I started to hear old style organ jazz come over the speakers.  It was so refreshing to hear something someshing classy and it really set the tone with what kind of woman she was trying to present.

I'm so done with zebra print, I literally turn the other way when I see it in a store, but something about that music and seeing the models in bouffants made me want to drape myself in the print and rub red lipstick all over my face.

Some of the models even had gloves on, which made me long for the day when women wore gloves, but most especially men wore hats and suits all the time. It's truly the sole reason I've considered watching Mad Men.

The last showing that's worth mentioning was by Rococo, a new store that recently hit Market Square.

I've yet to set foot in there, but I can guarantee you it won't be long till I make the trip (I'm thinking later this week, even). Their clothes were great and all, but their laser cut bracelets are what went from my eyes to my Birthday/Christmas/I want NOW list in seconds.
The models had masks that echoed the pattern of the bracelets which I thought was a nice touch. 

Having been a Project Runway fan since seasons 1, I've learned what to look for in a runway show and what makes it a good one. All of these designers had what it takes, as far as I'm concerned.
It was such a fun time to sit back and watch in real life, too!

I'm so thankful to live in a town that's growing while maintaining it's small town feel, and I'm already looking forward to the spring show!

Next up was Fenes Couture. I loved loved this showing for one reason alone-the music. It was very cool old style jazz and really set the tone the moment the first model stepped foot on the runway. I've never heard something so retro on the runway before, and I just super loved how it made each girl walk and epitomize old Hollywood glamour.

I'm so tired of zebra I could burn my shower curtain, but this show with it's bouffants and crazy cool organ jazz made me want to drape myself in it with some red lipstick on.
Some of the models even had gloves on, which put stars in my eyes for the days when women were so feminine. It was very Mad Men-esque which I know is the big thing right now, and I'm totally ok with that. Any time we can move towards the era where men wore hats and suits, I'll be the first to start shoving.

The next showing that was of any significance to me, was from the new store Rococo in Market Square.  I have yet to step foot in there, but I now have very good reason to do so.  The models had really cool dresses...yadda yadda yadda...their bracelets went from my eyes to my Christmas/Birthday/I want NOW list in seconds. Oh my, they were so cool. I don't know if I'd ever take that thing off.  To go with it they had masks on that were of the same lazer cut type pattern.

Very cool. And it was really neat seeing someone show that wasn't a designer per say, but a store I could walk into tomorrow. More attainable that way.

It's so much fun going to these things, especially after having been a Project Runway fan from season 1. I know what to look for and can find things that make for a good runway show, and all three of these designers had what it ta

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  1. Pleated skirts that went below our knees. Hideous. And they weren't plaid which could have been a tiny bit cute, they were the ugliest khaki known to fashion. So glad you are able to put the past behind you and live in style now. :o)