Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going for the Gold

Last week was Fashion Week last week here in Knoxville! And I was so blessed to be given a free VIP ticket.

Saturday night, I lost the sweats and got all glammed up for a really fun runway show (the details of which I'll share later).

Here's a peak into how I got ready for it...
The first step to getting ready was eye make up (which I always do first since shadow can fall on your face and mess up your foundation).

My eye make up depends both on my mood and what I'm wearing; that night I had decided one of my favorite military inspired jackets (oh LORD I love jackets). It had gold buttons and I had a golden tan, so I decided to do a gold, amped up cat eye.

I love doing a strong cat eye. It's so feminine and so sultry, and by adding gold it really apmlifies the glam factor.

You can do this too! What I did was I started with my angle brush and some black eye shadow. I traced the line of where I wanted to go with the shadow so that if I messed up I could just blend it in. After I traced it out, I went over it with more shadow to darken it up a bit.

*Side note* When you make the "wing" part of your cat eye (really, what the whole thing hinges on) do it real lightly with just a flick (straight out don't try to angle it much). Once you're happy with it do not try to adjust it, only darken exactly where you have already drawn. Trying to widen it or change a lot of it will only mess it up and leave you frustrated.

After I darkened it I went back over the entire thing with my eye liner. Then I applied mascara to my top lashes and touched up the gold shadow a little bit. I did a little bit of gold underneath my lower lashes, but as a rule when you're doing a strong cat eye like this you want to keep everything else simple.

Just like with any new adventures you take with your look, practice is always good. If you want to try this, practice it on a night when you're just going to be home.

And have fun with it! It can be fun to be a girl :)

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