Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts He'll Love to Give & You'll Love to Receive

Let's make it as easy on the boys as possible, and go ahead and send them our list for Valentine's Day. Don't know what you want? Perfect.

Here's a whole slew of things to choose from...

Clinique went a head and sprinkled some of their awesomeness into an eye shadow pallet (that looks wonderfully like the Naked pallet but rings in at only $36...not too bad). And the cool thing is they've got nail polishes to match each shadow, like this one (appropriately named) "Chocolate On My Pillow."

That's the kind of chocolate I'd like on my pillow ;)

Next up is Marc Jacobs new Honey scent. If the name alone doesn't sell you, then the light, fresh scent that immediately pulls you into a meadow full of honeysuckle, really should. I'm going to be honest, the stuff could smell like sugar water as long as I got to have that adorable bottle sitting on my dresser (but good thing it does smell a lot better than that).

And of course anything with the name Crabtree & Evelyn is luxury tied up in a box. How about this set of 12 hand therapy lotions?! It's a lotion for every month of the year!

They've also got a wonderful Rosewater scent that you can get in a home fragrance spray ($19) or in the form of a diffuser for $45 (that is if you weren't satisfied with spreading it all over your body in every way possible...cause they've got products for that too).

Then there's the gorgeous and oh so fabulous La Source line. Not only will their shampoos and conditioners leave your hair feeling like it's been blown dry by the angles, but their cute set of hand therapy products (such as: cuticle oil, nail file, hand remedy and recovery) will get your hands back the glowing state they were mid-summer.

Of course we can't forget the boys (they need presents too, I guess ;)
This helicopter with a remote control that contours to your hands from Mori's Luggage and Gifts is so fun, and perfect for a man who plays as hard as he works.

More fabulous gift inspiration will pop up on my Style Setter blog here soon (as well as an email-able link to today's segment *wink), but before then enjoy and have a very happy Tuesday!

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