Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Will There be Dancing?

Welcome to day 2 of: How to Plan Outfits!

The second question I ask myself (find out the first one here) is:
What will I be physically doing in this outfit?

I know that may sound weird, but before you go thinking I'm a freak, remember these two things:
1. I don't actually phrase the question like that in my head.
2. I rarely show up to an event uncomfortable with what I have on. I think about everything in the planning phase so I can wear things that will help me be comfortably-me with the utmost confidence.

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If I'm sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, for example, I will not plan to wear the jeans I just bought that I'm having to break in. I'll go with a more forgiving waistline.

Will I be sitting down? Will I be bending over? If there's a lot of getting things off the floor (like at a work event where I might have to reach for things from under tables), then short skirts are out. If there's a lot of running around-bye bye heels!

This dress to the left, for example, would be good for eating and standing. But doing the limbo? Pretty much out of the question.

Think of what you'll be physically doing so that you won't have to be tugging on things while you go.

This sounds like a long process, but really it takes less than a minute to think about what your event will entail. And it helps you because it narrows down your options.

What's tomorrow's question going to be?! You'll have to click back over to find out! :)

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