Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A White Crispy Treat

The past five years of Lucky’s cover of their fall issue is burned in my brain. I spend hours pouring over that particular magazine and never throw them away.

Which is probably why, when I think fall, I think Jessica Simpson’s cover two years ago when she had on a black blazer, over a crisp white shirt and hoop earrings.
All three of those pieces are staples, and when combined in cooler weather, they make the coolest, most classic yet forever stylish look that I will be pulling off well into my 70’s.

It’s the crisp white shirt that makes all the difference.  It’s the piece I drool over most (well, one of them) when it comes to fall clothes because it’s so, eternally, perfect.

That’s why it is key that you update your own crisp white shirt often (I’m preaching to myself, here). They don’t always wear well so you want to keep a good one around for under sweaters (oh man! I love it with it peaking out the bottom-so cute!!) and under jackets (denim ones, perhaps?!). Then with the collar and sleeves popped out of a sweater vest-that is the chicest look ever.

Don’t make me go on and on, because I could, that’s how important they are. Buy one this year, and you’ll see the power of a crisp white button down!

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  1. I LOVE THAT LOOK ! THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH for reminding me I too can pull that look off !!!