Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Visual Vitamin

Where does the mood come from when anything you put on your body just isn't what you're looking for?
That I can't tell you (if I could that would be one HECK of a blog, no?)

What I CAN tell you (because I've now gotten clearance to do so ;) is how to combat that funky mood thing.

You combat it with a mood board.

Whether you create it on Pintrest (admittedly that way will save a lot of time and effort) or in real life, somedays you need a mood board to dictate what to wear.

I'm old school about this, when I find a picture I like in a magazine of an outfit that really inspires me, I take it out and create an actual board (with real life pins!) This I know, for sure, will give me that visual vitamin I need to put clothes on and walk out the door on those days when my ability to do so is feeling a little groggy.

Speaking of which, here's a peak at my board....

I find that having a collection of things I really love around to look at will not only make me happy but it can dictate what I should wear and super charge that part of  my brain to say, "Oh, yes, that's what I want to look like."

Especially when a new season is about to hit (FALL IS OFFICIALLY HERE ON SATURDAY, I'M SO EXCITED YESTERDAY I WORE BOOTS!!!!!!) *clears throat* it's good to generate ideas of what looks you want to rock during that season and putting pictures together is a great way to do that.

Try it today, even if it is on Pintrest, take two boards and call me in the morning-I promise you'll be feeling better dressed in no time ;)

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