Friday, October 5, 2012


What I’m about to tell you is not for the faint of heart when it comes to makeup.
Here. We. Go…

The beautiful thing about clothes that I've been telling you about for years now (over 2! To be exact :) is that once you learn how to use them, they can cover up any physical flaw you have. Getting dressed is something of a magic show.

The same applies to your makeup. We have the ability to direct attention with how we apply our makeup, but it’s knowing where and how that makes all the difference.

Your two greatest tools for this are bronzer and highlighter (not the neon yellow kind, the subtle shimmer kind).

What you want to do with bronzer is apply it to sculpt your face. You want better defined cheek bones? Apply a bronzer just a couple shades darker than your skin right under your cheek bones. Minimize a larger forehead with bronzer dusted on its outer corners. Same is true for your nose-hit either side of it with a light layer of bronzer if you want it to appear less wide.

Now, draw the light and the eye to the opposite areas to make the whole visual tick complete. Dust the tops of your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose and the middle of your forehead with highlighter and you’ll have the complete effect of a perfectly contoured face!

This is the kind of thing I would definitely practice before doing for the real thing first. It’s also definitely the thing that makes me appreciate being a girl :)

 Happy Friday Everybody!

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