Monday, October 8, 2012

Exotic School Night Kind of Hair

I love Sunday nights. I can't decide if I feel most like an adult or a kid on Sunday nights.
The preparation for Monday morning makes me feel like a kid back in school, while the wash and the cleaning and the preping for the week makes me feel more like an adult.

The mix is probably why I enjoy the first evening of the week so much :)

One of the things I like to prep for the week is my hair. And even though Monday morning hair is mostly re-heated left over-styled Sunday hair (sometimes almost literally) I always have a hair plan for the week.

And one of the things that help that hair plan a lot is this Morocan Oil shampoo and conditioner I've stumbled upon. I've been wanting to try it for months, but it wasn't until I saw a travel size .99 cent version in Target that made me test it out.

It's got the most exotic scent that truly makes me feel Morocan and  I wish would linger outisde the tiled walls of the shower, but alas, it doesn't. What does linger is the very clean feeling that I get the moment it's being rinsed out.

Shampoo and conditioners are really hard to tell a huge difference with, but one thing I always look for is while I'm rinsing it out do I get that literally squeaky sound/feeling in my hair? It's not scientific or anything, but if I get/feel that, then I feel as if I've washed that dirt right out of my hair.

I will say, while drying my hair I could tell a huge difference in shine right off the bat. Usually I don't get a sleek shine going until I straighten my hair, but with this Moroccan Oil stuff I saw a shine right away. And I'm talking super shine to the point other people have noticed days after washing, that's shine people! Plus it's sulfate free, which I don't understand completely but apparently sulfate isn't a friend of your hair.

Now if only that feeling like a kid thing would really kick in and I could ask my parents for some allowence money to get it ;)

Happy happy Monday everyone! It's going to be a blessed week!

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