Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scarf it Up!

On a day like today never ever underestimate the power of a scarf!

I wanted to both talk and post about scarves today because I get asked about them a lot especially this time of year. People always say, "The Spiff is so awesome. How can I learn to wear scarves different ways?" They phrase it JUST like that too, it's wild ;)

Here's what I couldn't get to in the segment...

The thicker the material of the scarf the easier it's going to wear because it won't do many complicated ties. So this big comfy cozy thing is going to be good for simply wrapping it around my head or doing the hidden knot.
The hidden knot is when you take a scarf, wrap it around your head then tie the two ends into a knot that you hide with the loop part.

Like so.

And the last one I was going to show is called the Magic Trick.
This is perfect for showing off this particular scarf, which is something else to keep in mind. Play around with the scarves you have and see which tie shows off your scarf the best.

This one I love because it's ombre so I want to show that off with doing a certain tie that won't make people wonder what kind of scarf I have on that's two different colors. By tying it this way it shows off the fact that it's an ombre scarf.

Simply wrap the scarf around your head to make a loop. Reach down into the loop and pull up one end (making a hole), then take the other end and pull it through that hole.

See! It's a magic trick!!

I'll devote tomorrow to talking about scarves some more because there's just so much to say!!!

Thanks for watching and reading :)

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