Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's a Scarf-lace!

Yesterday, I'm guessing, your scarf world was rocked.

Today, we're going to shake up the remains...

Start looking at your scarves, not as a way to keep your neck all toasty (and your singing voice all geared up), but rather think of it more as a necklace.

I say that because I think that we're less likely to box it in to certain tops if we're thinking of it as a multi-functional necklace.

If you have a scarf with a lot of different colors, look at all of them and see which one's you haven't been playing up. Or refer to the post the other day about the color wheel and pair it with something that's across the color lane.

Have a purple scarf? Pair it with a yellow top! Teal blue? Wear it with pink and black! Have a leopard or polka dot scarf? Go daring-pair them with stripes!

Scarves are the easiest, most perfect way to start adding more color and pizzazz to a boring winter wardrobe.  They're the cheapest, chicest accessory you can buy that can wake up your outfits while keeping you warm and comfortable!

Plus if you start wearing them all the different ways, then you'll get even more bang for your buck!
Oh my goodness, why are we at work right now...we should be buying scarves!!!

Nails tomorrow-more scarf yummy-ness on Friday!

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