Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh oh Say Can You See-SALE!!!

Before you really dive into this, go get your shoes and start putting them on. We're going to celebrate our nations birthday at the mall!

Ok, here we go...
The year is half way through which means stores everywhere are trying to dump inventory into our laps. They are practically giving things away at the door, so now is the time to buy buy buy!! (NSync reference not intended).

Right now at the mall, almost every store has clearence items an extra 30-40% off. And when I say clearence items I don't mean the pile wool sweaters in the back. I'm talking actual clothes you can wear now. I got a pair of probably the most gorgeous wedges I've ever seen for $7. I said SEVEN DOLLARS. Yeah, you're tying those shoe laces faster now, aren't ya?

And while I realize we're only on July 4th, now is the time to start buying Christmas gifts!!! Stock up on things for super cheapo and get all those extra gifts out of the way (bosses, extended family members, etc.) Get them off your list and ready to go without breaking a $10!

Thank God for our country by pouring some money into our economy today!

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