Monday, April 7, 2014

What to Wear When You Want to be Comfy & Cute

Balancing comfy and cute
There's still a chill in the air, which is perfectly perfectly fine with me.

I love the cooler spring days, because it allows me to create fresh outfits from both the winter and summer sides of my closet.

I wanted to give you another outfit idea for this time of year. One that falls in line with one of my spring rules that I wrote about last week.

This time, it's a little more casual...
Spring outfit ideas

Like I said before, the key to a perfect spring outfit is balancing out your winter and summer-wear.

Over the weekend it was still a little chilly outside, so I knew I wanted to wear a sweater. This one shoulder slouchy gray sweater is perfect. But I didn't want to get too hot, so I wore it over a summer maxi-dress. In doing so, I get both the visual and temperature balance.

Throw on a colorful necklace (or a swingy metallic one), some great flats and it's the perfect for enjoying the outdoors with friends (and by outdoors I mean the patio seating at Cheesecake Factory, haha).

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