Friday, February 21, 2014

Why This Works

I so love jackets. I once went into Forever21 and tried on the same jacket so many times that the staff (who know me because I'm in there so often) started to say things like, "Would you buy it already?!"

My problem is I like to buy jackets, but I need to get better at buying things to wear underneath them!

So I'd like to talk about this outfit and why it works because I was so excited to wear this jacket...(I snagged it at TJ Maxx for $10, by the way).

The combination of muted sequence and a waterfall neckline had me in love at first sight. This jacket is so me.  In fact, when I first walked by it on a trip to TJ Maxx with my husband he remarked, "That really looks like you." He rarely comments on clothing (other than the opinions I force from him while doing fashion shows in our bedroom) but he sure nailed it with this one. Which meant, of course, I just had to buy it.

One of my favorite things to do with fancy pieces like this, is pair it with casual items. This look is a great example. A sequence jacket with a t-shirt and jeans provides just the right amount of balance to equal cool.

What I love more is that the t-shirt has wording on it. It's so hard to find t-shirts with words that I'm good with. I don't necessarily want to wear something that says, "So hot!" or "Sure thing" (I shake my head even now, thinking of why girls think it's a good idea to do so." 

Thanks to Aaron Ingram for the mini-photo shoot :)
This shirt with "Pink" on it was perfect for my purposes here (a post-Valentine's Day celebration in youth at my church - a little thing called Chocolate Night :) 

But I do keep my eyes open for shirts with words I can get behind (ha, or in), and will snatch them up when I do find a good one. 

To polish the look off I decided to give my leopard shoes a break and go with these snake skin flats. These shoes have taken some time to break in, but are totally worth it. If you ever spot a pair, go for them. They're the perfect alternative to a boring solid color and are infinitely more versitile than you think.

That's it for this weeks installment of "Why This Works!" I hope you have a very pleasant, well dressed weekend :)

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  1. Such a cute outfit. I really enjoy reading your blog and fashion advice and ideas. My girls love you too. :D