Thursday, April 10, 2014

Let Me Help You Shop for an Easter Dress

There is certainly NO shortage of options when it comes to dresses this time of year.

But that doesn't mean we've all found the perfect one that looks good and fits the way we'd like it to.

That's where I come into play. Let me help you find (or at least narrow down) your options for an Easter dress (or a dress for any other occasion this time of year).

Click here to see three dress options and what body parts they flatter.

Think of me as the white-haired eharmony dude, but I'm pairing women with dresses instead of men.

I don't know why you need to think of me as that, I'm pretty sure you got the point before that sentence.

Bonus dress!
This is a fourth option that would flatter your figure if you're straight up and down. These little layers give you volume, and therefore curves. Go for something like this if you're tired of the peplum trend!
White House Black Market

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