Monday, April 14, 2014

The Shoes You Can Wear With Everything (and Everywhere)

Now that the weather is warm, our shoe options have exploded.

In the winter, pretty much every outfit called for boots. Tall boots, short boots. Slip your feet into some socks and the comfort of boots, and you're all set.

Now that spring has set in, it's more I go with sandals? Flats? Heels?

Each outfit is different, but if you're looking to buy a shoe for the warmer days that's a little more "boot like" (aka: goes with everything and is comfortable), you need to opt for the wedge.

And not just any wedge. Lucky Brand wedges.

I bought a pair of these last summer, and my warm weather shoe world was changed forever.

They're comfortable, just the right height and if you branch out and buy them in a fun pattern (like leopard) or a metallic color like these, they'll go with more than you can ever imagine.

The upside of these wedges as compared to others, is they're super light weight. So you're not grabbing 5 pounds every time you move your foot. And the top fabric part is made of a wildly comfortable and giving fabric, so it never digs in your feet but gives you just the right amount of support as you walk.

Wedges themselves are like the off-road version of heels. You can walk through the grass with these, completely un-phased. Which in a season that's bursting with outdoor weddings - it's a good idea to own a pair.

I've started to see a lot of knock off versions of the Lucky Brand look starting to pop up, so if you go for something a little cheaper do test the fabric and see how giving it is when you take a step.

But I'm telling you, if buy them now or watch them like a hawk if they go on sale - you'll be so happy you did.

Tune in tomorrow on FOX43 to see some beautiful Easter dress options (and how to accessorize them) from Dillard's!

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