Thursday, May 2, 2013

This Weeks Nails

Why does the pointer finger get all the attention?

Because ring finger's busy holding rings, pinky's too little, middle man is...well you know, and a thumb pointing something out? That's too ambiguous.

Above all else when it comes to keeping your nails nice-make sure your pointer looks good. It's the one people see the most.

Last week I was going to go with a simple yellow for my nails, but I got distracted walking into Target. Maybelline has had a line out of "Color Show" nail polishes for a little while now and as I was looking at the shade of yellow they had to offer, a green caught my eye ("Green with Envy" to be do you get the title?).

I've seen this shade on other people and loved it but never thought it was something I would go for, oh boy was I wrong. I love love love this shade.
And I have to say, Maybelline's got game.

Ok, so first let me explain the accent nail. Last time I did an accent nail I decided by the end of the week, I wasn't crazy about it (maybe I need to not be so hasty with that, ha!).

I do, however, like the idea of doing patterns and I definitely don't want to try and reach perfection ten times. This little stand alone puppy happened by mistake. I had little to no faith in Maybelline's ability to produce a solid shade with the first application so I brushed a white onto my nail to start off.

Then I thought, "maybe I should try the color by itself on my next nail", and sure enough they pack a lot of pigment into their polish. I was then left with one white nail. I'm infatuated with all things chevron right now, so I took my nail art pen and first did the pattern in a silver then traced over it in black. I would totally recommend this as the silver was really light and if any mistakes were made that was the time to make them.

By the time I painted over it with black I had reached perfection.

Two thumbs up for this $3 polish that has lasted-chip free-for a full week, and one accent finger raised to doing an accent finger...the others are just going to have to get over it ;)

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