Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Final Key to the Perfect Outfit

May is really bringing it this year. May is bringing it strong.
Never in my life had I legitimately needed a secret identical twin more than I have this month (wouldn't that be awesome!).

But just because May is bringing it, doesn't mean you need to leave it at home. All this week I've been covering ways to pick the perfect outfit. Mostly questions to ask yourself in order to pick out the most comfortable, weather/audience/occasion appropriate clothes.

Because when you're happy with what you have on and it fits the occasion, not only are you more confident, but baby, you've got style.

So the last and final key towards donning the perfect set of clothes?

Remember who you are.

Make sure there's always a little bit of "you" in what you wear. I'll use me for example (go right ahead, self).

cute stud earrings
Whether I'm putting on a t-shirt to be a part of a team, or putting together a professional looking outfit to fit in to a scene (whoa, I'm totally rhyming right now) I'm always sure to add a watch or a colorful shoe, something that will make me feel like an individual. Sometimes it's as simple as funky stud earrings, just as long as I feel as if I'm letting my personality eek out a bit.

I love to wear things that make me feel most "Elizabeth" (like these earrings from Francesca's-only $6!). It's then, that regardless of whether the team shirt is being worn by 60 other people or the room I walk into is full of black suits-I know I stand out just a little bit, and I can relax into being me.

Always let yourself and your style shine through (oh gosh, I hate that "shine through" let's try that again)...don't quench the flame that is your individuality (oh yeah *sarcastically* much better). But do make sure you let your personality out in what you're wearing so that you feel comfortable.

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