Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Colors-Shmall Shmolors

The reactions I get when people find out that I'm a fashion/beauty writer are always fun.

I love them, in fact, because I get super excited to talk about beauty products and fashion so if you show the slightest bit of interest you'll wind me up to go a good 30 minutes on either topic.

I have come up against the same question from people lately, so I thought I'd answer it here and get it all out (rather than talking their ear off for an hour and half ;)

The question is about color.
What is acceptable now that it's fall?
Should you stay away from bright, happy colors because the weather's cooler?

The answer is no. And I'll tell you why...

The broadest answer is this: there are no rules in fashion right now. Well...there are no rules like we used to have as in no white after labor day, and no black at weddings. All of those religious old rules (and I use religious as in I'm amazed at the horror stories I've heard of people getting publicly flogged for wearing white shoes on September 30th) they're all done.

So when you think about whether wearing color is acceptable or not, think about how all the rules you grew up with are out the window.

Ok, now to narrow down the reason why you can...

One major rule in whether something is acceptable to wear into cooler months is not so much what color it is, it's rather what material is it?

A silk or linen something that's maroon-isn't acceptable in November even though it's a fall color because the material is summery.  So if there's something you're wanting that's a bright color, check and make sure it's not made out of a light material (especially when it comes to pants).

Now, finally...
And I saved this answer for last because it's not my favorite answer, but it's true. I walked into Old Navy the other day and thought I had wondered into Rainbow Brights closet. Jeez Louise, there was so. much. color.
So saying that to say, it's what's *shivers* in style. You're going to find a lot of winter items in bright colors because this bright color explosion thing is still going on. Which I love, but not because it's trendy I love it because I love it. And nothing more.

You remember that thing I said about going 30 minutes about one topic, yeah this post is evidence of that...I need to wrap it up.

Anyway, bare all of this in mind when you go shopping. If you like it, buy it. And that my friends, is the only reasoning you need. :)

Watch The Spiff live tomorrow morning at 8:45! I'm going to tell you what to fill up your Christmas list with :)

Today, I'm thankful for color! We were created by a most wonderful Creator that knew a gray world would get old. Thank God we have all kinds of colors to wear, watch and enjoy :)

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