Friday, November 16, 2012

Measure Up!

A couple years ago I embarked on the task of figuring out my bra size myself.
A week following that decision...

I understood why they burned bras.

The bra-sizing formula is a mess! Not only that, but every where you look there's a different one. "Stand on your head, and measure the angle your boobs fall right or left. Find the square root of that and you have your cup size."

Exaggeration? Barely.
It astounded me how there seemed to be no one answer anywhere. But the fit of your bra is so very much important.

Here's what I did.

I went to a big bra store and had Vickie's Secret little helpers measure me. After they did, I went back to my house and found their formula and I remeasured just to confirm.

I'm so very glad I did, because HOLY MOTHER OF OZ the bra size I was wearing was light years away from my actual size.
I would strongly suggest you do the same. Even if you have before, if it's been 6 months to a year-you need to remeasure. Believe it or not, your size will change.

Now, a lot of places I've read say to go to a bra boutique to get measured because they sell a lot more custom sizes, however I can't think of any in my area right off. So I think going to Vickie's wouldn't be bad at all. Or even Dillard's, or really both. I mean, if you really want to confirm then compare and contrast what they say.

Ok, so here's how you do it...
1. Take a soft tape measure or a strip of cloth that you can measure up against a yard stick...and hold it at band level on your back and bring it around to the front (as in the first picture). The number from that is your band size.

2. Take the tape measure and hold it around you right at nipple level. If the number lands on a half inch, round up (woo hoo!)

3. Now, take the first number you got and subtract it from the second. How many inches there are between the two is what your cup size will be. So if there's a different of 1 inch, your cup size is A; 2 inches B; 3 inches C and so on and so forth.

Do make sure you aren't the only one who measures, take yourself into a store and have them confirm your resluts (or visa versa).

It's so important that you do because you've got to wear the right size bra, it will make you feel sooooooooooo much better about yourself AND your clothes, not to mention the thank you notes you'll get from your boobs and back.

And don't feel as if you have to buy from the place that measures you either. Try on what they have to offer and if you don't want to spend that much, go to TJ Maxx or Ross. Those places have good name brands for a heeeeck of a lot less than VS (who, by the way has a $2 million dollar bra in their catalogue...whaaaa!?)

What are you going to do right now? That's right, measure yourself.
NO Excuses! Wear what fits!!

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