Thursday, November 15, 2012

Under Cover Glamor

Bond. James Bond. Love that.

When I was a kid I was enamored with all things spy related. I cut my teeth on Inspector Gadget, spent my awkward years loving Maxwell Smart, and was a college girl in love with all things Bond (and not to mention Mission Impossible-of which I owned everything related to it and even convinced my parents to let me set our answering machine message with things like..."This message will self destruct in five seconds...")

If only then OPI had come out with some kind of spy theme like they do now. Oh Lord...I would have been all over that one.

Needless to say I'm making up for lost time.

This weeks nails (which we're taking a break from bras for one day, by the way-come back tomorrow to see how to buy them!) reflect that love of all things covert that started as a little girl and grew with me to woman hood.

And simply because you can't use a spy color and be blatant about it-I've done my accent nail in "The World is Not Enough" and the rest of my fingers in "Honk if you Love OPI".

This kind of inky dark grape and gun metal sparkle combination of fingers is definitely something you should try over the holidays, or anytime you're feeling shaken, not stirred.


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