Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to Know What Bra Coverage is Good for You

I learned a very valuable lesson on underwear after I got married. I learned it's ok to have more than one bra, and it's certainly ok to own more than just nude ones *gasp*.

A bra is one of (if not THE) most important things you put on, because not only does it give you (and your girls) confidence, but it also helps your clothes lay right, and does a world of good for you in years to come.

Demi Cup
I know that sometimes shopping for a bra can be confusing. There's sizing to figure out, coverage, wire-age...a whole slew of things to deal with!(Boys, you have it so easy!)

To help, here's a break down of the different levels of coverage and what they're good for...

1. Demi-Cup
This is the least amount of coverage you can get in a bra. It's good for when you have a lower cut neckline, or a square neck that might show the top of your bra. 

2. Average Coverage

Average Coverage
This type is just as it sounds and is your regular bra. It's good for smaller busted women especially. If you're wearing average coverage bras and are spilling out of them, you need to go a level up.

3. Full Coverage
Here is that level up. It's perfect for big busts and t-shirts! No matter your size you never want to see your bra line, and the trickiest time for this is when you're wearing a t-shirt. Have one or two of these in your arsenal so we can see your pretty shirt and not the lines of your bra.

Remember bras are the foundation to your clothes-so have a solid foundation and you'll look good in everything!

These bras and more info can be found here!

Oh, and HAPPY OCTOBER!! Only the greatest month EVER ;)

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