Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Your Skin, Even Better

When I was a teenager, the very first foundation I ever used was Clinique's. Unfortunately, the lady at the counter didn't match my skin correctly and I ended up with an orange face...for quite some time (then there was that time I over plucked my eyebrows on top of it all...Oh Lord).

Thankfully, the brand (and myself) have come a long way since then.

Last week I wrote this blog about my experience with Sephora's new foundation matching system. It's great, but for me it was about a week late. A week earlier I had gone back to my makeup roots and switched back to Clinique.

Here's why...

All summer while bronzing, I stopped using my Bare Minerals foundation because it was too white. But when that blessed day came when I didn't have to think about tanning any more and I went back to my BM foundation, it wasn't the same.

I think maybe the foundation sat untouched for too long, or something. When I used it again it was ghostly white and wiped off very easily.  Which put me in a state of mind that's more fearsome than a bad hair day.

It's hard when you're not happy with how your makeup looks. All summer I had been using Clinique's CC Cream (which I also wrote about here), and I had read plenty of good things about their "Even Better" foundation. I took a sample and gave it a try.

And it turns out I really like it. I was hesitant to go to a liquid because I'm not a fan of applying with my fingers, but it really truly goes on smoothly.

It's long lasting and stays in place (even after a messy Publix sub!, I've heard).

Honestly, I was examining my skin in the mirror the other day and thought, this foundation is like your skin...but even better.  It's no wonder where they got the name, and it's a big Praise God it doesn't look like it did when I was 13 ;)

Ps: It also has SPF, yay! And the ladies at the Clinique counter in Dillards are SUPER nice and will let you try a sample before you buy.

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