Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Weeks Nails

Inevitably after a week of sporting dark nails, I'm in the mood for some color.

I toyed around with the idea of red for a while, but I have to be in a very specific (very rare) mood for red, so I went with my favorite-purple.

This weeks nails are, "Pamplona Purple" by OPI.

Unfortunately, this color is getting old and as all old colors blessedly do, it acquired bed sheet marks in the middle of the night.

No worries, though, Essie's Mattifier came to the rescue and took what was perfectly polished, but now imperfectly smudged nails and made them into smooth, matte, and perfect creations once again.

I don't have to tell you how excited fall gets me, and this matte purple is another good way to ring it in.

Think about shaking up your red routine and adding in a purple every now and then!

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