Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shop Drop and Roll

Ladies, it's almost game day.
I'm talking the super bowl of shopping days that is Black Friday.

And while you want to sit comfy in your Thanksgiving day hangover, it's not the time to sit sucking on a turkey bone. It's time to get out there, and get some deals!

But like all good games, we have go into it armed and confident in the fact that we can handle whatever's thrown at us. Because whether you like shopping or not, you're going to have to brave the Christmas crowds at some point in the next month, which means any time in the next six weeks you step out the door to shop, you're going to need a game plan.

So are you ready?!
I said ARE YOU....ok you heard me the first time...

Game day prep:
1. First thing you have to do is make a list. I cannot stress this one enough. If you don't have a list or if you've only got on in your head, it's going to get lost the moment that desperate mom moves you like a disguarded bag of potato chips to get at the Twilight DVD. Have a list.

2. I know that when we Christmas shop it's "all about giving", but that $15 pink half zip pull over at Old Navy would look great with your hair, or at least that's what you think dashing through the store. Therefore, know what your size is in every store you're going to visit. This way standing in line to try things on is completely eliminated. Grab, go. (Well, stop and pay for it of course).

3. Have a mapped out game plan. Literally, map it out. A lot of stores are starting to flash up their deals so a lot of research before hand is going to stave you a huge headache and guess work when you're out in the field. Figure out who opens with the best deals on what you need first, then go from there.

4. Know your budget. Know your budget. Know your budget. I know, that's a little vague ;)
If you know exactly what you're going to spend, then there's no wasted time, money or energy on things that you won't need/want to give. I know first hand, once you're out there in the magic of the late night/early morning Thanksgiving hangover fog-everything looks like the deal to end all deals. Snap yourself out of it with a big cold glass of, "I have this much to spend." When you're out of that amount, call it a day (or night).

Ok players, the countdown has begun. Start your shopping cart lunges, and run-purse clutched through an open field. It's almost time to get our deals on.

Come back tomorrow for how to increase your shopping stamina.

And Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)
Today, I'm thankful for a holiday like Thanksgiving that gives us a reason to stop and be thankful for each other. Not to mention getting to take time to be with everyone we love to be with over food. :)

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