Friday, June 29, 2012

Packing for People with Brain Farts

Fresh off another trip, I’ve got some major packing advice for you. Advice that I should have given myself before we left.

First off, don’t just pack in your head. If you pack in your head, chances are you’ve got a skewed reality of what you’re really going to need. Write things down a week before you’re actually packing. Putting things down on paper allows you to see that your life out of town isn’t going to be one long cocktail party, and that you should probably pack a pair of comfortable flip flops.

Ah speaking of comfortable flip flops, pack those too. Whether you plan on going to the pool or beach you’re going to want those to scoot around in even if it’s down the hall for some ice. Pack your flattest ones if you have to, just having shoes like that on hand to slip on makes a huge difference.

I didn’t do this, even though I got an urging to do so, I ignored it and ended up with fire roasted feet because the sand on the man-made beach at our hotel in Vegas was made for grilling feet.

If you don’t have easy flip flops like this, strap on your elbow pads and hop on down to Old Navy today where they’re practically giving them away for just a $1 (don’t forget the elbow pads though, seriously).

Next move: add to that list every tank you wear on a regular basis or at least one of every color (as in 1 black, 1 white, 1 gray). I made this mistake this last trip and only packed my white one. The bad thing is I packed things that required a black tank and wore out my white one (with sweat, gross!) within the first two days.
So definitely make sure you pack the basics!

You might be reading this thinking “and this girl travels on a regular basis?!”, but really you’d be surprised at the size of a brain fart you can have when preparing for the trip. Especially because there’s so much to take care of beforehand.

Writing things down and packing the basics will help no matter what size your brain fart may be :)

I've got some SUPER DUPER exciting news!! Next Thursday I'm going to be featured as a local blogger on WBIR's morning show (on Fox) talking about nails and So set either your alarm or your DVR ;) to watch me at 8:15am on Fox (channel 11 on Knology). Yay!!!!!

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