Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lucky Lucky Vegas Nails

Sometimes things don't always go according to plan.
And then you go out of town.
And when things don't go according to plan back home or where you're at-then it truly feels like chaos.

So to make up for certain blogs not posting according to certain plans, today and tomorrow on The Spiff things are SUPER SIZED.

For the past 6 days I was in Las Vegas-the city that never sleeps. Yes, I know that's technically New York, but I'm pretty sure that people in Vegas get way less sleep than they do in New York (the couple making out outide the elevator banks at 5:00am yesterday morning are proof of that theory).

It's a whole other world out there. A whole other dry, God-forsaken world.
Travel tip: when you're packing to go to a desert or any other normally dry area, be sure to pack lotion and lots and lots of chap stick. I'm amazed at how quickly everything on me became chapped (and I've never ever seen my hair so straight!)

When getting ready for this excursion, I had a hard time trying to pick out what nail polish to go with. Not only is it a trip out of town, but it's a trip to Vegas-things need to look good.

Thanks to one of my good friends-this conundrum was easily solved. Lucky Lucky Lavender is what I got and it was the perfect color for crazy Vegas where everything does seem to be about luck.

It's a beautiful shade for spring and summer. I love it because it's subtle enough to be able to wear to a professional job (which was another requirement for the trip) but it's wild enough (purple!) to show that your sense of style is slightly outside what's classic.

Before you go on any trip, if you plan on doing your nails make sure it's a shade you're going to want to live with for however long you're gone. You don't want to pack extra nail polishes and all that tools that it takes to turn one color into another. Liquids like nail polish remover are certainly not something you want to risk opening in your baggage, and if you buy it where you are chances are it's going to be twice the price (much like the TWENTY DOLLAR sun lotion I ended up having to buy because I forgot mine).

Do remember to take tools to be able to fix any nicks in your nails such as a nail file and clippers. That will save you from masacering your nails when or if they get bumped.

Consider this lovely lovely shade of lavender for your next out of town romp.

And know this, it was with Lucky Lucky Lavender addorned nails that I turned $20 into $ I'm thinking it lived up to it's name :)

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