Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How I Styled Floral and a White Leather Jacket

When I say that a white jacket is going to carry you through this awkward spring/winter transition and how you should really get one, I mean it.
The perfect white leather jacket
How to style a floral shirt

I've been shopping around for a white leather jacket to add to some ensembles I had in mind, and I finally found the perfect one.

White, floral and gold
The funny thing is, I tried this same jacket on in a medium and thought it was ok. It wasn't until I went back and tried the small size on (only because the medium one was gone) that I really fell in love with it.

What you have to watch out for with shorter jackets like these, is you don't want the sleeves to feel too big. Because the back of the jacket is so short, I like to make sure that the sleeves don't go all the way down to my wrists so that it has a shrunken look overall.

If not, it just looks to me like you have gigantor arms, and no one wants to look like they have gigantor arms, right?

I'm just so happy to have found this as it was the perfect dose of edge to add to this floral pattern shirt and pink skirt. Speaking of which, lets all pause and take note of the fact that I purchased not only a pattern that's not stripes or animal print, but also it's a floral.

I picked it up at Forever21, by the way. They have so many different styles that you're sure to find one you'll like!

For more white jacket inspiration, read the Style Setter blog I wrote about it!

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