Monday, September 2, 2013

The Fix for Summer Skin/Hair Mistakes

Today marks the close of summer. Do you have any regrets?

In my teenage years this was usually about the time I would break up with my summer fling. I wasn't much for commitment during the school year, I guess. And there was that one time a boy broke up with me before school started (actually he didn't, he had his mom do it. Yeah.)

Thankfully now days the only things I have to regret is not conditioning my hair enough (my how times have changed).

So now that the sun and salt water intake is going to diminish, I'm going to start repairing what I've neglected about my skin and hair.

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They can't mend a broken heart, but they can sure make them sorry they had their mom sit you down and tell them they have too much on their plate and not enough time for a girlfriend. Hypothetically... if that's where you're at.


Enjoy the day!
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