Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Rock a Metallic Skirt at Work

St. Patrick's day really snuck up on me.
How to were a metallic skirt to work

I thought I had plenty of time to wrap all the gifts and prepare the big St. Patty's day meal, but I guess I got swept up in the season.

Just kidding. I simply forgot to blog about it on Monday so I wanted to share how it is I incorporated green into, what's turned out to be, one of my favorite outfit concoctions of the year so far.

My favorite look of the spring/winter transition

It all started with this metallic skirt (similar one here). I picked this up on the clearance rack's clearance rack at Forever21. I'm serious. This thing cost me less than $4. Which is a lesson to all of you out there who snub your nose at the sale stuff - sometimes you have to dig!

Not wanting the skirt to come off too dressy, I decided to pair it with a white t-shirt, my Banana Republic blazer (can I wear this everyday, pleeeease!?) and this green statement necklace.

The necklace was a perfect pop of color. and added interest to the t-shirt neckline like a long swingy necklace wouldn't have done.

Why not twirl in a twirly skirt?!

I actually wore this outfit on the show when I talked about the Academy Awards accessories, and I liked it so much I reheated it for work this past Monday when I had to speak in front of the whole company.

When I planned it, I didn't even realize Monday was St. Patrick's day, but it worked out great with this green in the necklace. So a belated happy St. Patrick's day to you!

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