Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Race to the Diminish Line

Happy Wednesday! What’s a good Wednesday without a tip about not stuffing your face, eh?

Here’s a lesson I recently learned about myself…
When I am hungry, I get a plate of food (especially at dinner cause that’s usually the biggest meal I eat) and I stuff myself, or I used to. Until I realized that I was shoveling food into my face thinking the whole time how great the seconds were going to be. …Weight, what?

Instead of enjoying the first plate all I did was eat my way through it to take the edge off my hunger. I consciously did not enjoy the taste of the first plate because that was a task I was saving for the second plate.

Now that I have discovered this little problem I've taken action against it. I heard once that this is what some countries in Europe do after eating and I think it's a good plan...Savor the first plate of food and when you are done, wait. If 5-10 minutes later you are still hungry then feel free to go back for more (smaller portions please) but if you are not still hungry then grab a fork and stick it in you because you're done.

Hey Ladies! Tomorrow begins fashion week in New York, but what that means for us is Fashion's Night Out! Go to West Town Mall around 6 (again, this is tomorrow-Thursday the 6th) for goodies and savings and well it's just fun going to the mall any way, yeah? OR you can hop over to Charming Charlies, load up on goodies totalling $35 and get a free subscription to Lucky magazine, not bad!

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  1. "...grab a fork and stick it in you because you're done."


    Good tip. :-)