Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Dress for Christmas in November

Over the weekend, I got to start celebrating Christmas!

For that I just HAD to bust out the sparkles, of course. The question was how to you do sparkles for a daytime event without looking too fancy?

You add pink crop pants!

The pink brightens the whole look and the crop pant makes it a little less serious. Make sure when you're doing sparkles in the day that you keep everything else low key. I went with matte black earrings and a simple black ring because the sweater is so sparkly.

I'm not the only one celebrating Christmas a little early. Santa has officially come into town! More specifically he's come to West Town Mall!

The funnest thing about Santa being in town is getting to see little kids all dressed up for their pictures with him. 

If you're not totally sure what to dress your cuties in for their pictures, or if you'd just love to see some adorable children's clothes from all over the mall, click here to read my latest Style Setter blog!

And feel free to add sparkles to your everyday outfits! 

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