Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Your Coat Questions Answered

The two questions I get most often about coats are...
1. Does your coat have to be longer than your sweater?
2. Can you wear a coat indoors as part of your outfit?

My answer to the first question is yes...ish.

The thing you want to avoid when wearing sweater that's longer than your coat is looking like an overstuffed rag doll.
Totally rocking a longer sweater!

If your sweater is bulky and you're pairing it with a well puffed jacket, then no, that won't look good. Run into the store as fast as you can and keep your head down the whole time.

But if either one of those pieces are thin or tapered at least, then the look is fine.

It's even cute if the sweater peaks out a few inches and the jacket stops at your waist.

Of course with that answer, I also have to say that if you are really just running into the grocery store or somewhere quickly and you've thrown your puffy jacket over your puffy sweater, I certainly won't judge you. Lord knows I've done the "forget the bra/makeup, just grab a big coat" thing in order to quickly run to the store myself.

Second question...can you wear a coat indoors?

Again, yes with a contingency.
What's she hiding under there?!
The contingency being, if the coat in question doesn't look like a hard core winter coat, and (again) is not bulky but slim enough for you to move around comfortably, then most likely you can get away with it indoors.

But if you have trouble lifting your arms over your head, or if you look like you're getting ready to set sail to Alaska, think about changing into a sweater.

Also, the shorter your coat is, the better you can get away with wearing it inside and not have people thinking you're getting ready to rob the place.

Shorter leather jackets are perfectly acceptable indoors, while (most) pea coats are not.

I hope these answer helped you! For more gorgeous coat options, check out my Style Setter blog. And think about updating one of your coats this winter!

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