Wednesday, November 13, 2013

High Impact Mascara

The words, "high impact" can be daunting.

Daunting because most of the time they're followed by, "workout." And while the after effects of a high impact workout are really nice, in the middle of all that high impact-ing, you're thinking a lot of things, none of which are "nice."

Thankfully, Clinique has restored high impact's rep by applying the words to their mascara. And it's not a mistake or a lie, either - their mascara is truly high impact.

It's got one of those really fibrous brushes, so every lash gets coated with their lush-ifying formula. I can tell a difference with the very first swipe.

Mascara is for sure my least favorite part of the makeup process (and I actually enjoy putting on makeup, if that tells you anything), but when I use this mascara I actually don't dread it. I might even like it.

good mascara
Just getting to watch my lashes go from blah to YOWZA with one swipe is pretty cool.

The price points not bad either. It's $16, which if you think about how most drugstore versions are close to $10 the extra $6 really isn't that bad.

It's especially not bad if you think what an impact great lashes have on your look. That's right, it's a high impact.

:) Happy Wednesday!

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