Thursday, November 14, 2013

This Weeks Nails

I'm with Brad this week.

Let me explain...

I love to get inspired for my next nail color. Instead of standing in front of all the bottles, staring blankly at each color wondering which one to use next, I like to have a color craving.

Two weekends ago I watched a hostess type in my name with nails painted a deep dark red. It made me crave that color, so this week I turned to my Sephora brand OPI color of "I'm with Brad."

Overall, I'm not a huge fan of Sephora's OPI because the brush is very very small, however I have had this color for years and it painted on and dried like it was brand new. So there's something good about their version.

I love this color because it's such a rich, deep dark red that you can almost miss the redness. What you don't miss is the fact that it's got such great depth of color and that's what makes it so gorgeous.

Hopefully I've inspired you with a color crave. What color shall we paint our nails next!?

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