Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Nightly Ritual

I'm the most jealous of men when it's time to go to bed.

After falling asleep on the couch and walking bleary eyed into the bedroom, my husband can crawl right in between the sheets and drift smoothly to sleep.

While I'm left standing at the dresser having to wipe, remove, cleanse, dry and moisturize my way back into being alert. Loosing all of the ground I had just gained towards falling asleep.

Some nights it would be nice to say screw it all and go to bed.

night cream
This would be impossible as the mere thought of makeup getting on my pillow would keep me awake all night. So why not make the pre-bed preening easy (and somewhat enjoyable)!

I have options when it comes to how I clean my face and moisturize. I have the "I'm feeling spunky" options (or better yet, "my 'spiffy' options") that are much more extensive and I have, "Dear God I'm wiped" options.

Part of the "Dear God I'm Wiped" ritual includes these wipes (ironically enough) and Oil of Olay night moisturizer. I realized when searching for a night cream, that I mine as well stick with what I love and I love my Oil of Olay moisturizer for the day, why not get some for night.

The night cream is very nice. It's creamy enough to make you feel good about your skin, while not too creamy so that you're standing there rubbing it in for five minutes, jealously watching your husband sleep.

It fights seven different signs of aging including: lines, uneven tone, uneven texture, dullness, dryness.
I just love it because it's a trusted brand, proven to work without breaking your beauty budget (it rings in around $20!)

Think of it this way, your husband may get to sleep before you do, but by taking care of your skin, you'll be looking way younger than him for years to come ;)

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