Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Key to Unlocking Great Outfits all Year

You know what future you would totally appreciate?
If you took notes on what you liked about your clothes this summer.

I needed a good summer outfit that would work for both the office and offsite meetings this past week, so I hoped on my Cloth app and saw that last year I was really digging this combination...

(A light sweater in a freezing office is so coveted in the summer time!)

Immediately I had what I needed to make a great outfit: a lightweight Express sweater, my Forever21 zipper skirt and a pop of pink!

Referencing my picture (right) reminded me that I needed to document my favorites from this summer as well.
summer office attire
By documenting my favorites in Cloth (or even just in pictures), I have fool proof outfits that work the next time the season rolls around.

Another advantage? By looking back on your favorite summer pairings, you have the ability to dissect what it was about the outfit that you really enjoyed.

For example, I really loved how tucking in the shirt defined my waste, and by adding a sweater it slimmed my hips and butt.  Last fall I was able to put together a whole slew of outfits based on that same silhouette.

So this one picture provided me with countless outfits, well into the next season!

It's important to document what you feel good in so you can return to the same feeling in a different combination. This will also help you buy what looks good on you, giving you a whole closet full of goodness!

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