Monday, July 29, 2013

Why This Works

Once my husband actually forced me out the door, telling me to go buy clothes.

He wanted me to buy the one article of clothing I disdain, but is totally necessary this time of year. He recognized I didn't own any and sent me on a mission to buy some.

shortsI'm talking about shorts *shivers.

Short shopping is all the bad qualities of bathing suit and jean shopping combined. They have to fit your butt and flatter your legs like jeans, while showing the right amount of skin like a bathing suit.

And most of the time it's hard to get a pair that hit both the right length and the right fit at the same time. For years I lived in these terrible cut off jean shorts that fit me at first, but then when I lost some weight started to look like I borrowed them from a large flamboyant plumber.

It was putting those terrible cut-offs on one day that caused my husband to realize I needed some new pairs.

This was a couple years ago, and while shorts are still on the very very bottom of my list of things to grab and wear, I did discover a pair this summer that fit my every requirement (and curve).

Gap has come out with these really great cuffed shorts. The great thing about cuffs is they make your legs look small in comparison (just make sure they're not too bulky).

They come in a variety of colors and are currently on sale for $33! I went with the army green color because I like using this as a neutral for all my summer brights.

And by giving my legs some height with wedge heels, it makes me feel a lot less like a large flamboyant plumber, and more like a slim glamorous writer. :)

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