Friday, July 26, 2013

Active Wear Everywhere

If I were a betting woman (and sometimes I am) I would say that this time of year the gym gets a little less populated.

Now that summer's winding down, we've grown comfortable in our bathing suit, and have certainly indulged in an outdoor barbeque or two (or three, or seventeen). And the gumption that once drove us to the gym, is now napping by the pool.

Well Ladies, it's time to wake that gumption up with some really cute active wear!

work out clothesI've found that even on my busiest of days, if I simply dress as if I'm going to work out I'm more likely to head to the gym, or at the very least take extra calorie burning actions throughout the day.

And active wear, as you'll read, is not just good for being active in the gym. It's great for running errands and looking put together on days when you don't feel like putting anything together.

But enough intro, click here to read all about the active wear options found at JCPenney (everything's under $30!) and get a glimpse into their newly renovated home section.

You'll be ah-mazed at all the beautiful options!

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