Friday, August 2, 2013

This Weeks Nails

Like most good things in life, beauty is hard work. I don't care what the latest celebrity interview says, your weight, skin, hair, and nails all take work.

Granted, we start out with what God gives us, but it's up to us from there.
My nails, for example, don't manicure themselves.

I wish they would. Especially when it's 12:30 on a Saturday night and my husbands been in bed for hours (apparently I need to let out some aggression on that, since it's the second post I've mentioned it this week, ha!) I'm dedicated to having nice nails, but sometimes I wish that dedication would take a vacation.

When it's late like that and there's no way I'm letting my nails go (which, lets face it, is every week) I always turn to a newer polish. Like this, "Don't You Lilac It" by OPI.

With a new polish I know it will dry quickly and thoroughly, ensuring a smooth-pillow crease free manicure for the next day.

Had I been more awake for this one, I would have added an accent color. Like a bright chartreuse (that glows in the dark!) or maybe a re-application of my favorite silver. 

Truly, I was doing good to get them painted, so no judgment here, Elizabeth. I will, however consider any of these colors as future accent nail contender for this soft, precious purple.

And next time maybe call ahead schedule an earlier manicure with myself :)

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